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Who am I? 

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember feeling a strong intuition, sensitivity and deep connection to life, living beings, and nature. As so many others, I took a little detour, being busy chasing that carrot and doing my best to do what I thought I was supposed to do. In 2011, that did not work anymore. While going trough the absolute darkest night of my soul, I started remembering myself again. And from here, everything changed.


Today I´m living a life so much more true to who I am and what I want. And this is what I love to teach and support others in doing as well. 

The last 10 years, I have been on a deep, transformational journey. Of healing, exploring, learning, studying, growing and working. No longer working to surive, but working with what lights me up. Doing what my heart is calling me to do. And today, one of the biggest joys of my life is to use all of this to offer my service to others. 

My professional background and experience

I am multi-passionate and have studied and also been on the receiving side of multiple modalities and topics.


My first main area is childhood, family dynamics, mental and emotional health. I started working with children as a kindergarten teacher in 2011, have a Bachelors degree in this field, and went deep into this topic by becoming a certified coach in the modality Conscious Parenting Coaching ™ with Dr. Shefali Tsabary. I have studied a year of Special needs teaching, specializing in the Psychosocial- and emotional health. This included becoming certified as a counselor for children, youth and parents & practitioners.


My second main area is the field of self empowerment, breaking patterns and changing belief systems. This is all intertwined with the first area mentioned, that of childhood and past trauma. My interest and experience with self empowerment includes multiple topics like abundance, relationships and life choices in general. I have explored the world of meta physics, including a teacher training in Kundalini yoga & meditation.


I touch upon many areas, yet they all come together in one common goal: creating a life of more  JOY!

I combine my unique skills, experience and professional background, when teaching, writing and working with clients. The tools I use in my sessions depends on the need of the client, including different coaching techniques, inner child work, parts and shadow work, breath and meditation, and more. 


Based in Norway

Available all over the world

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